This is a first cut at a picture gallery. The picture quality is not the greatest, and our use of the scanner needs some improvement. In order to minimize loading time, I have put each picture or group of pictures on a subfile. Check back here from time to time if you are interested to see if there is any improvement.

Here is a picture of me sitting in front of the TV with a lap full of dogs. Me and my Dogs

Before I retired, I started a collection of Cadillac convertibles. At the present time two are in the shop, but I have a picture of the other two sitting in their pole building garage. The Caddys

And here are some pictures of birds in their cages (three on one page). The Birds

Coming in the future are more Cadillac pictures and pictures of my wife. And since she has been making porcelain dolls as a hobby, there will in all liklihood be some doll pictures.

Living in Florida, we spend almost every afternoon during the mild or hot weather outside at the pool. Our pool is an in-ground pool measuring 18ft x 42 ft, and is enclosed by a screen enclosure. In 1996 we had the cement edge surfaced with North Carolina river rock; these are small rounded pebbles about 1/8 inch in size, held in place by a plastic binder. For a look at the pool, click here.

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