To lighten your day, consider the questions that you can read click here.

I was also sent some very interesting headlines culled from newspapers across the country, and also some interesting bumper stickers. To view them click here. Or to see why English is a crazy language click here.

Have you ever been told that you don't know "Jack Schitt" about something? I was sent a copy of Jack's family tree the other day. If you click here you can learn enough about his family that you can realistically say that you DO know "Jack Schitt".

What do DOS users think of UNIX? See their Q&A sheet here.

How do you know when you are getting older? Here is a list of signs that will tell you about it. Click Here.

zave you ever heard of George Hayduke? He has written many books on the subject of REVENGE, such as GET EVEN, GET EVEN II, etc. I found one of these on line recently, called MAKE'M PAY. To download it (in ZIPped format) click here. . Be advised, however, that this file when UNZIPped is almost 4000 lines long, and many editors will not handle a file of this length. If you want to use an editor to read this, I suggest SLED; a link to this can be found on my programs page.

Another listing of practical jokes and pranks that I downloaded from Usenet can be accessed by clicking here. Again, SLED would be necessary to read the UNZIPped version of this.

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