I have downloaded and saved these graphics for use in creating images on Web pages. They are all short files, and this listing is for use in downloading them.

However, if you can't find what you want here, why don't you visit The Icon Depot There is another collection of icons at a site in Germany, collected by Michael Hildebrandt; Icons Buttons Bars 'n More . This site was rather slow when I visited it.

NOTE: Some of the icons below present special effects when viewed with Netscape Navigator 3.0. I have put descriptions of these effects in brackets {} for your information. These seem to work also with NN 2.02, but 2.02 doesn't realize that it has loaded them completely, and keeps reloading. So you get 'Document Done' and then more loading and 'Document Done' again.

Blank Space is useful in separating images arranged side by side

Red Ball Small red ball for emphasis

Green Ball Small green ball for emphasis

Beige Ball Small beige ball for emphasis

White Ball Small white ball for emphasis

Small globe Larger ball containing global map

Another globe Globe showing western hemisphere {Rotates to show all of earth}

8 Ball 8 ball to get behind

Mace Ball Spiked ball as found on medieval mace

Glowing purple button on black background

Green Marble Marbled pattern for use as a horizontal rule

Marbled Blue Bar Marbled pattern for use as a horizontal rule

Varicolored Blue Line Varicolored blue line for use as a horizontal rule

Thin horizontal decorative blue line

Thin horizontal red line

Thick horizontal red line

Horizontal red line composed of beads

Decorative Bar Decorative pattern for use as a horizontal rule

Another Decorative Bar for use as a horizontal rule

Black bar with white dots {The dots move}

Little nude sitting on horizontal line

Same little nude without line

Encryption Symbol Combination Lock on Computer

Another Encyrption Symbol Key on shield

E- mail Privacy Combination Lock on Mail

Negative SymbolPrivate Eye or spook with negative slash

AnonymityPrivate Eye or spook

Olde English Shield and heraldic design

PGP symbol< /a>Padlock with PGP inscribed

Large PGP symbolLarge image of above

PGP Initials

Word NEW and arrow in red box pointing right

Word NEW in red box with hand pointing left

Word NEW in yellow box

Word NEW in blue balloon

Word NEXT in blue box

Red check mark no background {Disappears and redraws itself}

Eyeball watching you {Moves from side to side}

Pocket watch to indicate time sensitive material

Pen poised over WSJ to indicate financial data

Cup of coffee to indicate leisure material

Smaller cup of coffee

Satellite Dish

Screaming monkey indicates comic material

Since we have a bulldog, Lucy

The standard smiling face {Mouth moves, makes various grimaces}

A scroll with flames

Bomb with lighted fuse for attention getting

Bomb with lighted fuse for attention getting

Black bomb on red flag

Letter 'i' in blue circle

Judge's gavel

Open book < /a>{Pages turn}

Renovating sign{Paintbrush paints white letters black}

Welcome sign {Letters march across and then all on}

Yellow man with shovel sign

Same as above, but moving {Man actually works with shovel}

More complex and larger Men Working sign

Same as above, but lights blink {Blinking Lights}


Assorted credit cards

Mailbox for indication of E-mail {Box door opens, flag goes up and down, bird flies}

Mailbox with letter flying in {Letter flies into mailbox}

Letter for indication of E-mail {Envelope folds over letter}

Another E-mail icon with envelope

Character holding a sign 'send me email' {And he looks so dejected when he doesn't get any}

Holly leaves and berries

Xmas tree for holiday spirit

Little yellow house for return to home page

Larger house for return to home page

An even larger house

Globe with lat and long lines for global news

Cartoon speech balloon to get attention


Red ring with question mark

Red ring with devil

Purple ring with telephone

Yellow ring with key

Grey ring with numbered ball2/a>

Green ring with arrowhead

Blue ring with books

Gold ring with '@' sign


5 1/4" Disk with blue label

5 1/4" Disk with red label

Red 3 1/2" disk, door up

Purple 3 1/2" disk, set at an angle

Blue 3 1/2" disk, door to left