These classic cars are all runnable, and get enough use to keep them from deteriorating. They are: 1968 DeVille, 1969 DeVille?? (the dashboard says Fleetwood, but AFAIK they never made a 2 door Fleetwood, and a used parts dealer tells me that at least part of the nose is 1970), 1975 Eldorado and 1976 Eldorado (the last year of convertible production). The older two were rebuilt from the bare metal, including new floorboards; the newer ones were in excellent shape when I got them (the 1976 had 30,000 documented miles).
1968 DeVille 1969 DeVille 1975 Eldorado 1976 Eldorado

These were snapped with the vehicles in the pole building that serves as their garage. The sign, not too readable, says "Cadillac Parking Only, All Others Will Be Towed". I will try to get individual pictures of them out in the open at a later date.