For PGP information:

Galactus (Arnoud Engelfreit)

Prof Nat Queen

For a list of PGP Keyservers available through http or ftp protocols click here.

For Disk Encryption Information:

SFS is a program for encrypting a disk. Comes with very complete documentation.
SECURE DRIVE is another program for encrypting a disk.
SECURE DEVICE is my choice of disk encryption programs. It has a user interface very similar to Secure Drive, but allows encryption of only part of a disk without partitioning it. Note that this file is saved in ARJ format, and needs the ARJ250 decompression utility to retrieve it. A link to this can be found under my favorite programs.

All the above programs really need a way to force the drive letter for the encrypted data. JDRIVE.SYS is part of the JAM series of programs written in the former USSR, and putting it in the CONFIG.SYS file with a letter specifying the drive letter desired will accomplish this.

For Steganography Information:

Steganography Home Page

For programs and information:
SimTel Archive
University of Vaasa Archive
University of Milan Archive

Web Searchers:
YAHOO Search
WebCrawler Search
LYCOS Search
Excite Search

A list of WebSearchers that I have not tried, taken from Computer Life Magazine:
Alta Vista searches news groups too.
HotBot Search
OpenText Search

As I try out these sites I will move them to the above area.

Florida Legislature - Laws and Constitution
Legislative Sunshine Page

For some of my programming efforts and some useful programs that may not fit any of the above categories:
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